Gymkhana GP 2022: stage 5

Gymkhana GP 2022: stage 4
Gymkhana GP 2022

Gymkhana GP 2022: stage 5 Forthcoming stage

Gymkhana GP is a moto gymkhana remote competition. To participate, you need to drive a certain track, remove the result on video and send it to us through the site. 

Attention! Electronic telemetry is mandatory from this year. Time results, that caught on mobile phone, manual chronograph or superimposed in video editors will not be accepted. After a complete stop at the finish gate, the participant must record the result on the camera without interrupting the video.

Start of acceptance of results: 29.08.2022, 08:00 (Moscow, UTC +3)
Ending of acceptance of results: 19.09.2022, 00:00 (Moscow, UTC +3)
Summing-up: 19.09.2022
Amount of participants: 0
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