Gymkhana GP

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Gymkhana GP

2018 year Past championship

In the season 2018 we will arrange Gymkhana GP competitions for the first time.

Gymkhana GP is a remote motogymkhana competitions, where you can chase with guys from Moscow, Chelyabinsk, or St. Peterburg by staying in your city.

How is it possible? Its all very simple:

  1. 6 stages
  2. Every stage – new course
  3. 20 days to get best time
  4. In the end of the season – the strongest one wins)
  5. Standart motogymkhana rules: hit the cone +1 sec, touch the ground with feet +1 sec
  6. Cones – 320mm or higher

What courses are going to be? Very different, and may be your also. All of them have the same requirments: Main size 20 x 20 m (or less), one gate for start and finish (3 x 1,5m). You can create a course by yourself! Make a drawing through the feedback form on our website:, and may be your course will be choosen. For every stage we will select couse by voting, and announce it in the day of the beginning of the competition stage.

Why do we do all this? Because we found it boring to ride and compete in the standart figures like Pita GP, Shiso GP, Eraser and etc. And we want to compete not only with sportsmen from our city, but with guys and girls all over the world.

And the most important, how to take a part? It is very simple: ride our course, catch this ride on video and submit result on our website. You can send as much tries as you want, we will count only best one, but you should do it before the stage will close!

When we will begin?  Very soon, on 14th of may! Now, take time to get a good tires and prepare your bikes!

Stage timetable:

-1st stage: 14 May – 03 June

-2nd stage: 4 June – 24 July

-3rd stage: 25 June – 15 July

-4th stage: 16 July – 5 August

-5th stage: 6 August – 26 August

-6th stage: 27 August – 16 September