Riders: Budko Vasiliy

Gymkhana GP 2021: stage 4

Budko Vasiliy, №83

City: Russia, Ozersk, Chelyabinskaya oblast


Yamaha TDM850

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03.06.2017 8 GP Yamaha TDM850 00:40.58
Yamaha TDM850

Participation in stages
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Stage Motorcycle Rating Place
Gymkhana GP 1 stage
Yamaha TDM850 140.47% 78
Первый этап
02.06.2018, Chelyabinsk
Yamaha TDM850 143.3% 16
Второй этап
12.08.2017, Chelyabinsk
Yamaha TDM850 149.21% 22
Первый этап
03.06.2017, Chelyabinsk
Yamaha TDM850 147.23% 15

Class evolution history
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Date Old class New class Event
03.06.2017 N D4 8 GP
03.06.2017 D4 D3 Кубок Урала 2017, Первый этап
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