Riders: Shurinov Valeriy

Gymkhana GP 2021: stage 2

Shurinov Valeriy, №75

City: Russia, Tomsk, Tomskaya oblast


Yamaha TDM900


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22.06.2018 8 GP Yamaha TDM900 00:35.01
Yamaha TDM900

Participation in stages
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Stage Motorcycle Rating Place
7 этап Кубка Федерации
22.06.2019, Tomsk
Yamaha TDM900 127.3% 4
1 этап
16.06.2018, Tomsk
Yamaha TDM900 136.28% 9

Class evolution history
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Date Old class New class Event
22.06.2018 N D2 8 GP
25.06.2019 D2 D1 Кубок Федерации 2019, 7 этап Кубка Федерации
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