GYMKHANA GP 2019: Results

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GYMKHANA GP 2019: Results

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The 6th stage of Gymkhana GP 2019 and championship itself is finished! So now it is time to sum up!

First of all, some statistics information:
Our judges processed 1379 applications, and rejected for some reasons 92 rides. They watched more than 24ч 19мин 06сек hours of video.

The championship was attended by 272 people from the 14 of countries:

Russia 178
Belarus 25
Japan 19
Czech Republic 8
Latvia 7
Kazakhstan 7
Spain 7
Nederland 6
France 4
Germany 4
Estonia 3
Poland 2
Ukraine 1
Belgium 1

Russian riders attended from 26 regions:

Region Athletes
Moskovskaya oblast 23
Krasnodarskiy kray 20
Ulyanovskaya oblast 14
Voronezhskaya oblast 14
Chelyabinskaya oblast 12
Rostovskaya oblast 11
Permskiy kray 8
Saratovskaya oblast 8
Krasnoyarskiy kray 7
Leningradskaya oblast 7
Nizhegorodskaya oblast 6
Tatarstan 6
Sverdlovskaya oblast 6
Omskaya oblast 5
Smolenskaya oblast 5
Lipetskaya oblast 5
Novosibirskaya oblast 4
Novgorodskaya oblast 4
Primorskiy kray 3
Stavropolskiy kray 2
Ryazanskaya oblast 2
Kaluzhskaya oblast 2
Volgogradskaya oblast 1
Samarskaya oblast 1
Adygeya 1
Belgorodskaya oblast 1

During the championship 141 riders have changed their class:

  • 13 чел. до D4
  • 24 чел. до D3
  • 30 чел. до D2
  • 33 чел. до D1
  • 11 чел. до C3
  • 12 чел. до C2
  • 12 чел. до C1
  • 6 чел. до B

Most of the results (28%) were still on the last day. But I am glad that many athletes, including tops, began to send results in the first week of the stage =)

Now about results:
Top 10 sportsmen of the championship:
1. Tsujiie Haruhiko, Japan, 11985 points
2. Van Schouwenburg Richard, Nederland, 11672 points
3. Zapach Jan, Czech Republic, 11587 points
4. Lyadetskiy Pavel, Russia, Chelyabinskaya oblast, 10651 points
5. Ito Hanako, Japan, 10473 points
6. Zhukov Aleksey "Jazz", Russia, Moskovskaya oblast, 9933 points
7. Zhoyd` Andrey, Belarus, 9439 points
8. Rogovoy Maksim, Belarus, 9248 points
9. Grebenyuk Andrey, Russia, Krasnodarskiy kray, 9139 points
10. Arias Jonathan, Spain, 9058 points

Other results can be found on the result page: . For your convenience, there are filters by countries and regions.

We also added filters for cruisers and girls - both on the stages pages and on the totals page.

And what about without electronic diplomas =) There are diplomas for the championship and for every stage. This year there is only one diploma: the final for the entire championship. You can check it and download on your rider page or in "statistics" section of your account.