Gymkhana Camp 2019

Gymkhana Camp 2019

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Unreal cool news is coming! 

Someone may have already heard about upcoming Gymkhana Camp, someone hears for the first time - but today we can say with confidence – Camp is going to be! 

So, Gymkhana Camp is an international training camp for moto gymkhana riders, which will be held from 3rd to 6th July in Kazan, Russian Federation. It will include three days with master classes and trainings from our, European and even Japanese sportsmen; and competition on the fourth day. 

Kazan has everything for holding such a large-scale and awesome event (training ground, hotel, organizers). And also today there is a preliminary (preliminary!) agreement that Stapelbroek Martijn, Stopler Bob, Schouwenburg Richard, Tsujiie Haruhiko, Rouquin Malin, Ito Hanako, Kristian Eekhof, Hunter Tabibito, Zhukov Alexey, Myasnikov Evgeniy, Aleksandrov Adrian, Pavel Krezhevsky, Pavel Lyadetsky, Vasily Zhogin, Alexander Kuleshov, Maxim Sinkevich, and other high skilled riders are going to come to us. 

Cool? That’s unreal cool! 

Plan your vacation for the first week of July and stay tuned for the next news;) 

Organizers: Moto Gymkhana Kazan and 
With the support of the following Moto Gymkhana communities: 

Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Lipetsk, Minsk, Ryazan, Krasnoyarsk, Novgorod, Perm, Kaliningrad, Tyumen, Novorossiysk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Moscow, Baltic Team, 5th Region 

And also with the participation of the Motogymkhana Federation and sportsmen from St. Petersburg