Gymkhana GP7: results

Gymkhana GP7: results

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It is already 2k19 outside, and it means that its time to sum up results of the winter stage of Gymkhana GP! Yea, this stage wasnt most popular, we recieved less than 30 results on our site. But on the other hand - whoe ever made a motogymkhana competitions in the winter? From this point of view - it was the first, only one and most popular stage ;) 

But most important - on videos of the riders it is clearly seen, that for these rides people came with friends and relatieves and even without "result" rides, they had a good time. And this was a main idea of the winter stage! 

But we will summurize the results anyway ;) So, Yevgeny Kuznetsov from Krasnodar immediately captured the championship, cleverly avoided penalty for the absense of the snow, and at the same time overtook his main opponent - Maxim Ablov. 
It would seem that no one will be able to move Yevgeny from the first place. Even result from sunny Thailand and bribe of pineapples to the chief judge didnt help Olga Sheremetyeva to get close enough to the result of Yevgeny. 
And then it was chiming clock, 1st of January and another result from from Sergey Ibatov who was late due to holiday bustle. What a New Year's miracle, isnt it? ;) 

As a result, administration decided to award both first places - Sergei Ibatov and Yevgeny Kuznetsov. Guys, wait a bit - prizes will come around the end of January;) 

We also decided to award two more people - for the most cheerful, kind and positive videos. These were the videos of Martin Stapelbroek from the Netherlands and Boris Lushkin from Kazakhstan. Guys, it's hard to say when prizes will come, because you are in the foreign country, but they are coming to you)) 

In general, I would like to thank everybody who took part in the winter stage - for the excellent, positive videos. Now we will meet at the summer rides of gymkhana GP 2019!

Boris Lyshkin:
Martijn Stapelbroek:

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